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Exports Mexico Lindo y Querido
  • Dedicated to honey and derivatives

  • 100% Mexican dedicated to honey

100% Mexican company


Exports Mexico Lindo y Querido is a young Mexican company

Exports Mexico Lindo y Querido is a Mexican company with the energy and desire to know and get to the city of our country to other parts of the world through our products, always taking care of the quality of these.

We are known for being a 100% Mexican industry dedicated to the commercialization of honey and the elaboration of gourmet products, the quality of our products supports us.


Make thesweetness and beauty
Mexican to other countries in the world



We believe that loyalty to our suppliers and commitment to our customers is very important.

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Committed to the assurance of our products and services

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Social responsability

Social responsability

Improve the quality of life of our community and the environment through the generation of jobs and the use of materials that do not affect the environment

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Honey is rich
and healthy.

The sweetness and taste of Mexico
in a jar

Bee honey produced by tradition and quality in the state of Yucatan, with the highest international standards, manages to position our country in third place worldwide in exports.

honey and

It has qualities known and used by human beings since ancient times, as food and to sweeten, with a power greater than that of sugar cane.


Since ancient times reference is made to honey as a sacred product to many other peoples, such as the ancient Egyptians or the Greeks.

it does not matter
the use

Regardless of its use, honey never ceases to be an attractive product and what better way to present Mexico in a unique, original and natural way.

its natural

Natural ingredients and foods with nutritional benefits, have become the preferred ones compared to foods processed with artificial ingredients.

Our products

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Address: Insurgentes Sur 682- 703 B, Colonia del Valle, Benito Juárez, CDMX, C.P. 03103 PHONE 0155 55368077

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